How to Know WiFi Password in ISO 16

Wi-Fi password will be seen in IOS 16 US technology giant Apple's new operating system 'IOS 16'. It may be opened at the end of this year.  It has already been suggested that a very useful feature will come for iPhone and iPad in the new update of the operating system.

Saved Wi-Fi password can be seen through that feature.  When an iPhone user connects his device to a Wi-Fi network, that Wi-Fi password is saved in his iPhone settings.

While the current iOS operating system has Wi-Fi network sharing, it is limited to Apple devices only.  Also, the feature does not show the actual password to the user.

In this way, if a user wants to connect the Internet with Nintendo Switch or Smart TV, then if that user does not write down the password, there is no other way to know that password.

When the new feature comes, the user can easily go to the settings of his phone to find a Wi-Fi network and see the password from there.

To use it, the user's device must be connected to a Wi-Fi network and close to the router, through which the network can be seen in the user's settings.

How to know Wi-Fi password from settings.  

• First go to Wi-Fi option.

• Find the Wi-Fi network you want to see its password and tap on the blue information icon to the right of its name.  

• User can view the password by clicking on the password option 'Face ID', 'Touch ID' or 'Passcode' 

• Finally, by clicking on the copy option the user can save the password to the clipboard and then easily share the password with anyone who needs it by pasting it in a text or email  can be done

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