How to deactivate messenger

Way to deactivate messenger

Sometimes we need to deactivate messenger. Someone thinks that if they deactivate Facebook ID, the messenger is automatically deactivated.

But it is totally wrong. Messenger is not deactivated automatically with the deactivating of Facebook.

So you have to deactivate messenger manually.

The process of deactivating Facebook is easy. But many people think that the process of deactivating messenger is so hard. I will show you how to deactivate messenger in an easy way.

Now I am telling you how to deactivate messenger in an easy way.

Step 1: Deactivate Facebook

Before proceeding to deactivate messenger, you must have to know how to deactivate Facebook.

Step 2: Open messenger

After deactivating Facebook, open your messenger app.

Step 3: Press on your profile picture

After opening your messenger app, press on your profile picture on the above right corner.

Step 4: Go to Account setting

After pressing your profile picture, just scroll down and you will get "Account Setting". Then go to Account Setting.

Step 5: Go to Account ownership and control

Going to Account setting, scroll down and you will get "Account ownership and control".

Step 6: Go "Deactivation and deletion"

After pressing "Account ownership and control", you will get "Deactivation and deletion".

If you don't deactivate Facebook first, you will find the following message.

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