How To Earn Money Online In Bangladesh As A Student

Do you want to earn money online?

If yes, this article is absolutely for you. I think you want to earn money online, otherwise, you don't read my article.

So now at first, you have to think about which capabilities of the following list you have:-

  • Are you patient?
  • Are you a hard worker?
  • Do you have a little bit of knowledge in computer?
  • Can you work regularly?
If you think that all the answers of the above-mentioned questions are affirmative, you are welcome. And you are really perfect enough for earning money online.

Take a cup of tea or coffee or nothing of the two, just read my articles to decide how you earn money online as a student.

Bangladesh is one of the best countries to make money online as a student. Many people think that they need to leave their country to find work online. But it does not have to be that way if you’re working online at home. You could actually get paid to learn things without even leaving the house. Here’s how to make money online in Bangladesh as a student.

How To Earn Money Online

1. Blogging

Blogging can be a great side hustle. If you enjoy writing about various topics, start blogging about different subjects yourself. Create helpful content and you could have a successful blog on the side.

But you have to keep in mind that no copy-paste will be allowed. Just write from your heart. There are many blog sites for earning such as 
As a beginner, I will suggest you to choose Blogger to write.

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Because it is so much easy to understand. You can learn more from youtube videos. There are thousands of videos on how to earn from blogger. After writing 20-30 posts, apply to Google Adsense. After Adsense approval, your earnings will be started.

Again consider adding affiliate links to your blog posts so that you can earn revenue from any sales you generate.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a popular way to make money online. This involves recommending products and services to readers who then purchase them. To recommend these products and services, you write reviews of them on your own website. When someone buys the product recommended by your website, you get a commission on the sale.

Example: If you have a blog or facebook page or youtube channel, you will give a link of different kind of products. The link you will get from E-commerce website such as Amazon. If someone purchases entering the ecommerce website by clicking your link. Then you will get commission. In this way you can earn from affiliate marketing.

There are few Bangladeshi Affilite Marketing sites. These are:
  • Daraz.
  • ShopZ.
  • Bohubrihi.
  • Boikhata.
  • Banglashoppers.
  • ChocoCraving.

3. Youtube

Youtube is one of the most popular mediums for earning money online as a student even for any people of any age. There are so many topics for making videos. If one is being viral, you will be a hero.

Suppose you are good at Mathematics or English. Or you are good at cooking. So you can make a video on that topic. Publish it to youtube. When your youtube channel has so many viewers and it does not violate the youtube policies, you can earn by monetizing or affiliate links. But you have to make 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours to get monetization. If you perform excellently, it will be easy.

4. Freelancing

If you love working with your hands, freelancing might be for you. Find clients on a freelancing sites free and create your own gig. It doesn’t matter what kind of project you choose, since you become responsible for finding customers and getting the job done. As long as you put forth the effort, you can find customers and earn money online.

Suppose you are the best in article writing or data entry or copy paste writing or photoshop or anyone of these, you can easily earn money online from those sites.

There are many freelancing sites for you. Few of thrm are:

5. E-Commerce Website

With e-commerce websites, you can sell products directly to customers. A great example of this is in India,,,, and so many e-commerce sites. By selling products on their platform, you can make money online while actually being able to work from anywhere you want. However, you can start your own e-commerce website today. But you need capital for this.

6. Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs aren’t exactly what they sound like. Basically, you look up data (such as names and addresses) and enter it manually into a computer system. Although tedious, many companies hire freelancers to complete data entry tasks because it does not require skills that may take years to develop.

7. Online jobs

Online jobs let you work at home without leaving your house. You don’t even need to leave your room if you want to do some Internet-based work. Many people have chosen to make money online by doing things like writing articles, taking surveys, and sharing reviews. If you want to try your hand at online job opportunities, here we will discuss how to earn money online in Bangladesh as a student.

8. Resume Writing Services

Are you looking for a legitimate way to make money online? How about trying resume writing services? There are many companies out there willing to pay good money for reliable writers. In fact, you may even be able to pick up some freelance writing gigs by asking around on sites like and Guru. All you need to do is submit a sample resume and move forward from there.

9. Sell Your Photos

If you love taking pictures and enjoy doing them, then selling them online might be something you want to look into. If you take good photos and know how to edit them properly, they can easily sell for hundreds of dollars. You could also try selling your photography services to local businesses.

10. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is another great way to earn money online. You can market products on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

If you are benefitted from this article, you must share it with your friends. If you have any questions, comment below. You are most welcome and best wishes.

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